• Continuum, Viafarini Milano

    Workshop and Performance
    Milan, Teatro Alberto Burri
    April 2016

    Through a process of production workshops organized by Viafarini with different social groups, the invited artists have performatively rearticulated the interesting on/off dynamic that qualifies Teatro Continuo as a continuous flow of different activities, both staged and non-staged: four different approaches to the stage, in the aim of proposing different form of collective occupations of the urban space.

    The public action and installation ”Continuum” conceived by Luigi Coppola will operate an imaginary and ritual reconnection with the spatial and temporal hole in which Teatro Continuo has disappeared from the history of Milano from 1989 to 2015. This absence becomes a potential element for re-examining the history and the events that occurred in Milan in that period, by imagining this “urban space of possibilities” – as Burri defined it – as a theatre of public, political and cultural actions.

    Conductor: Luigi Coppola, Continuum (2016)
    Curator: Simone Frangi
    Project coordinator: Lucia Mazzi
    Soundtrack: Nicola Ratti
    Performer: Elena Adamou, Lenia Georgiou, Antonella Fittipaldi, Caterina Gobbi, Carlotta Mansi, Sofia Paggiaro, Lucia Palmero, Emilia Piz, Miriam Secco, Floida Skraqi, Simona Rinaldo, Erica Romano, Claudia Scarsella, Letizia Scarpello.
    Narration: Alessio Baù, Daniel Blanga Gubbay, Barbara Boiocchi, Daria Carmi, Ivan Carozzi, Ilaria Cuccagna, Giulia Ferrarese, Cristina Lorenzi, Lucia Palmero, Erica Romano, Giacomo Zani.
    Photography: Ilaria Cuccagna

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